An ideal solution for cars, buses, electric locomotives, construction equipment, house trucks, boats, etc.

What does threaten us?

Nowadays, time runs faster, we live in a perpetual hurry, we are exposed to the harmful effects of many civilization achievements.

Therefore, we should intensify taking care of our health – both physical and mental ones.


We are constantly surrounded by the inventions of technology, more and more often we live in dangerous for our body artificial electromagnetic waves, against which we have no natural protection.   


The emitted artificial electromagnetic waves, while penetrating even the thickest concrete walls, have no difficulty in attacking our body. Daily few hours' exposure to their influence, after same time is enough to impair the body's natural protective barrier.

The dilemma lies in the excess and accumulation of radiation sources - every year their number increases by an average of 6%, every 10 years the number of transmitters is doubled... Unfortunately, we usually do not feel the radiation, and do not connect our multiplying problems with the growing amount of another such devices.


While working with computers and various electrical devices, driving motor vehicles, spending time in supermarkets, we are often annoyed, irritated, anxious, we go grey, we feel discomfort and fatigue.


With time our immunity is getting worse, we begin to get sick, but our diseases are rarely associated with the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation.

The research shows that:

Natural electromagnetic fields regulate all life processes, but geopathic zones and artificial electromagnetic fields lead to functional disorders in living organisms.

Research centres in many countries confirm negative effects of electromagnetic smog and geopathic radiation, emphasizing their negative impact on human health. Studies in recent years have shown a close relationship between the accelerated aging of the body and its exposition to artificial electromagnetic waves. Waves with a frequency of 900 MHz systematically acting on our skin, damage the collagen and elastin fibres and slow down the process of cell renewal by an average of 25%. As the result, more and more often our skin looks gray, tired, sallow.

Firstly, this issue has applied to the employees of multi-storey office buildings, banks, modern block of flats and hotels. Today, in the era of computerization, when having a mobile phone has become completely normal, this issue is concerning everyone, especially in cities where there is no escape from....

While spending time is such places, we initially feel excessive sleepiness, irritability, decreased concentration. A little later, a chronic fatigue, dizziness, headache, stuffy or runny nose, drying up of eyes mucous membranes, throat, shallow breathing, sleep and memory disorders, in time general weakness and a decrease in immunity.

Tolerance of organisms can differ, but sooner or later almost everyone will suffer from these symptoms. Long-term observations show that after a certain period, due to the prolonged exposition to harmful radiation, allergies can intensify, the nervous system disease, leukemia, cysts, ulcers, infertility, impotence, problems with the cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal tract can be revealed.

Cars - how to protect ourselves?

In the developed countries, number of cars on the road is still increasing. As the result of the constant traffic jams and detours, our work hours and daily life which are changing all the time, we spend more and more time inside the vehicles, isolated from the environment.

In modern cars there are about 8km cables installed. Vehicles stuffed with electronics, starting with on-board computer or radio, CD, DVD, GPS, chargers, monitors installed in the headrests or additional antenna, are a source of continuous electromagnetic smog.

Remember- life and health are priceless.

CAR VITA Tronic – is a harmonizing device, which neutralizes the side effects of electromagnetic smog and improves the ionization of the air inside the vehicle.

It is indispensable in cars, trucks or buses.

As a result, it increases comfort, improves concentration behind the wheel, while providing the driver and passengers with safety on the road at the same time.

While using CAR VITA Tronic you can get rid of:  

  •         feeling of stiffen or swollen legs
  •         headache, neck and spine aches
  •         difficulties with breathing
  •         palpitations
  •         burning and itching eyes
  •         itching of the skin
  •         alternating feelings of hot and cold
  •         distraction
  •         sleepiness and fatigue

MINI / CAR VITA Tronic Construction    

MINI and CAR VITA Tronic devices are made of a ceramic case with a very high content of silicon. They have a shape of a prism with a hexagonal base. Inside this ceramic, functioning as a resonator, there is a glass tachyon and a piezoelectric transducer controlled electronically. The transducer supplies tachyon and resonator with basic vibrations. Figure on the resonator is a double rune, known as the highest protective rune - the symbol representing the primal language of the universe.

MINI and CAR VITA Tronic can achieve harmonic alignment of the magnetic field within a radius of up to 12 m. They are powered from a cigarette lighter socket or a power point.             

MINI/CAR VITA Tronic efficiency can be adjusted from 3V to 9V, depending on the room size and the type of vehicle. Adjustment can be done using a potentiometer placed on the transformer near the plug. Manufacturer provides a 7-year guarantee for failure-free operation of the equipment.  




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