SMART INDUSTRY SYSTEM based on AQUA VITA life and VITA Tronic technology is essential for industrial and technical applications.

By implementing SMART INDUSTRY SYSTEM in industry we will get:
  • in food production
  • in new technologies sector
  • in heavy industry
  • in services
  • in mechanical and automotive industry
These processes are essential in all industry branches where water and electrical devices are used:
  • in food production
  • in new technologies sector
  • in heavy industry
  • in services
  • in mechanical and automotive industry
SMART INDUSTRY SYSTEM can be successfully used in industries such as:
  • extractive industry (mining)
  • processing industry
  • fuel and energy industry
  • metallurgical industry (metallurgy)
  • electromechanical industry
  • chemical industry
  • mineral industry
  • light industry
  • food industry
  • wood and paper industry
Investment in equipment depreciates very quickly. Water revitalization is connected with big savings in reducing the use of chemicals in all production and purification processes.
Implementation of this system will eliminate and reduce calcium deposits and rust in the pipes of water supply, heating and cooling systems, reduce micro-flora in the air conditioning, eliminate odours and smells associated with the production.

The costs of maintaining the installation are decreased through: extending the time between necessary inspections and maintenance, extending the life of cooling and freezing systems, reducing energy and fuel consumption (higher temperature of the environment with the same work of heating systems), the work of cleaning and maintaining machines, tanks, tubes.
Reports of all enterprises already using SMART INDUSTRY SYSTEM prove that the installation of vitalising water devices leads in all these areas to the significant savings that, when summed up, have a positive impact on the financial results of the entire company.
In addition to the tangible benefits, technology helps in protecting the environment, which in turn positively affects the company's image as an eco-friendly business.


AQUA VITA Kalkmagnet Aggressive calcium for installation and finishing?  
Thanks to AQUA VITA Kalkmagnet calcium is less aggressive and it is easier to remove it from pipes.

Benefits that speak in favour of using AQUA VITA Kalkmagnet in industry:
  • easy installation
  • no energy costs
  • 25-year performance warranty
  • With no chemicals added
  • product 100% environmentally friendly
  • sustainable production
  • European quality



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