For centuries, health has been a necessary condition for achieving complete happiness and satisfaction with life. Unfortunately, we usually appreciate it when we get sick. Each of us wants to be healthy, but what do we do for our health? Do we really see threats?

In the last two decades, the pace of life has increased sharply. We are surrounded by more and more new information. Demands keep growing, new responsibilities are added. The pressure of consumption, driven by aggressive ads causes that we are not able to give up even a thing. As a result, we live in a constant stress and an eternal pursuit of the achievements of civilization. And even though the development of science and technology accelerates the development of civilization, it is still not able to increase the adaptability of our bodies. That is why so often we feel bad, whole our body feels homeostasis imbalance.

 Most people do not see any relationship between the environment and the state of their health. Meanwhile, the civilization of the twentieth century have made many changes in our environment, cutting us off from nature more and more quickly and effectively. We spend almost half of our life in artificial light, watching the sun behind hermetic windows and sound-proof buildings. More and more often our bodies are covered with materials unknown to nature. Apartments and offices are full of artificial plants, wallpaper, panelling, furniture, panels and synthetic paints or adhesives.

For years, we have been prisoners of air conditioning, water and sewage as well as electrical systems. In addition, we cannot live without cars, telephones, radios, TV sets or computers.

It is the price of a modern civilization - the environment of people in the majority of large cities around the globe. And despite the fact that already in 1982, World Health Organization, considered many of these phenomena as harmful to human health, this issue is still escalating.

The pace of changes is growing exponentially. More and more ideas and new technologies lead to ever greater achievements. Every day we know more, but because of info-glut, we understand even less.

We have been talking about ecology for a long time, but every year the amount of toxins and technical solutions pulling us from nature increases. Clearly the effects of harmful stimuli acting on the human body can be seen; headaches, burning eyes, decreased immunity, irritability, aggression, fatigue, anxiety, confusion and stress - that is our daily life, against which a living organism protests more and more intensively.

Observations show that when companies move their offices from the old building to the modern, hermetic, air-conditioned office building, a rapid deterioration of workers’ well- being and an increase morbidity average of 30% can be seen. "Sick building syndrome", "Chronic fatigue syndrome", "Job burnout", "Leaky gut syndrome", "Carpal Tunnel Syndrome", "Legionnaires' disease" are just a few examples of problems connected with intensive work in the facilities such as modern office buildings, banks and hotels, located especially in the cities.

What is harmful to us?
  • Modern life in agglomeration is so far away from nature, so it is more and more difficult for our body to accept it.
  • "WE ARE ENTERING THE ERA OF HIGH TECHNOLOGY WITH A STRUCTURE OF A PRIMITIVE MAN" says professor Ulrich Warnke in his book "The Risk of Losing Health"
  • The civilized man uses an increasing number of technical devices using electrical power now.
  • These devices emit artificial electromagnetic fields (EM), which, when overlapping, can create an electromagnetic smog.

Dangerous source of a hazardous electromagnetic radiation are waves emitted by hundreds of electric machines, electric cookers, computers, mobile phones, TVs, DVD players, radio transmitters, TV transmitters, radar stations, transformer stations, electrical installations, power lines, GPRS, EDGE transmitters etc.

When generated fields (EM) are summed up, it turns out that they are many times bigger than electromagnetic background of the natural environment. In buildings, the most harmful to human are geopathic zones created as a local disturbance of the Earth magnetic and gravity field and the field generated by underground water. The strongest of them are formed at the intersection of underground watercourses, geological deformation of the upper layers of the earth's crust and overlapping points of Swiss (Hartmann) grid nodes and diagonal (Curry) one.

Strengthened and focused radiation of geopathic zones rises perpendicularly from the outer surface of the earth to the atmosphere and penetrates almost everything. To make matters worse, all geopathic zones additionally intensify the negative impact of artificial electromagnetic fields.
There is no protection from artificial electromagnetic radiation, besides we do not produce any natural defence processes. Meanwhile, day after day, all the time we spend in its field of operation, we are constantly under fire, because unwanted waves can penetrate even the thickest concrete walls.

The problem lies in the excess and accumulation of radiation sources - every year their number increases by 6%, every 10 years, a number of transmitters is doubled...
A human being does not see and does not feel electromagnetic waves penetrating him directly and does not create any mechanisms protecting him from their effects. Harmful effects of electromagnetic smog often occur after a period of latency and can manifest with a delay of several months or even years. Therefore, malaise and emerging diseases are not at all associated with the impact of harmful radiation.

The research shows that malicious field, while acting longer on a living organism, among other things interfere with metabolism, inhibit the production of many hormones, affect the iron in the red blood cells.
People, often staying in such conditions usually are: irritated; later they experience chronic fatigue, decreased concentration, dizziness and headaches, shallow breathing, sleep and memory disorders, in time general weakness and decreased immunity.

After some time, as a result of prolonged effects of harmful radiation, diseases can manifest: neurological diseases, allergies, leukemia, cysts, ulcers, abortions, infertility, impotence, problems with the cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal tract, etc. Risk of heart attacks, brain tumours, stroke, melanoma and other cancers increase sharply.  

Modern man lives not only far from nature, but in addition he/she is surrounded with different, artificial disturbing fields, thereby worsening the conditions for receipt of the natural terrestrial radiation by the brain.

How can we fix this?

For millions of years, our bodies have been under the influence of natural electromagnetic waves deciding on our development, regulating all life processes. Man on Earth is constantly subjected to electromagnetic fields of extremely low (ELF 30÷300 Hz) and ultra-low (ULF below 30 Hz) frequencies.

Earth's magnetic field protects it from harmful cosmic radiation. Thanks to it, life can be possible, it affects the functioning of all living organisms. The world of animals and plants feels it very well; it can be seen among insects, birds, fish, a variety of flowers, trees, etc.

A "Civilized man" while losing some senses, is not able to consciously determine its presence, but only thanks to the apparatus.

Change of position of the compass tip can be an example.

The size of Earth's magnetic field (induction) – is used as a background. On the magnetic poles is 70 uT and 35 uT at the equator, for Central Europe it is 50 uT.

Research shows that our body, especially brain, is an excellent sending-receiving antenna, very sensitive to the environment. That is why people’s well-being is so often influenced by Earth's magnetic field. Malaise, irritability, headache, insomnia - are common symptoms of meteoropathy or increased sensitivity to the weather associated with electromagnetic influences. The magnetic field of the earth has the power to ca. 47000 nT, however, it is dependent on the solar wind, weather conditions, temperature fluctuations, time of day, phase of the moon, etc.

In a simple way, Earth receives its energy from the sun. Vital frequency radiated by the sun, make the body and the various forms of natural resonate and they vibrate together by introducing a state of equilibrium. 87% of continental crust of the earth is composed from silicate minerals. Quartz crystals (silicates) are natural power transformers.

"Disrupting frequencies and vibrations" are those vibrations that suppress vital frequencies radiated by the sun, and thus interfere with the natural harmony. They may be of natural origin (geopathic radiation) or can be artificially produced by man (EM).

Natural electromagnetic fields regulate all life processes.

In turn, geopathic zones and artificial electromagnetic fields can cause functional disorders in the human body.  

Every process in nature is based on the interaction of negative and positive vibrations. Negative energies cannot regenerate themselves.

To achieve a balance, a positive energy is needed. If the equilibrium is disturbed and there is no positive vibration, negative energy dominates and eventually interferes with the functioning of living organisms, leading to imbalance or as a result to a disease.

Vita Tronic is a device which within a radius of up to 50m, ensures harmonic alignment of the magnetic field.

The frequencies generated by the device, come into resonance with the Earth's magnetic field. While creating a more aligned fields, they reduce the negative effects of geopathic radiation and electromagnetic smog. VITA Tronic transfers hexagonal mesh structure of the Earth into harmonious positive vibrations of a "sacred geometry".

VITA Tronic is the simplest way to a harmonious, balanced and healthy atmosphere in the apartments, houses, hotels, factories, offices, banks, schools, hospitals, dental clinics, servers, and all other areas of public institutions.

Using VITA Tronic, we gain:

  • neutralization of geopathic radiation
  • reduction of electromagnetic smog
  • change of air ionization
  • more efficient air conditioning
  • feeling of harmony in the room
  • elimination of chronic fatigue
  • better concentration and greater productivity
  • reduction of aggression and irritability
  • healthy sleep, giving the rest
  • improvement of the quality of life
  • joy and increase of well-being
  • an increase in immunity (immune system is activated)
  • health improvement
  • VITA Tronic can also be used for the daily regeneration of your own the body. While standing or sitting (5-10minut) over the device, we start the flow of energy throughout the body. Thanks to it, we can restore the natural frequency of all our cells, activate the metabolism, reduce tension and remove the block.

Every day we improve the functioning of all organs leading to a state of a homeostasis.


VITA Tronic is made of a ceramic with a high content of silicon. It has the shape of a prism with a hexagonal base.
Outside, there is an engraved symbol of "flower of life", inside there is an appropriate resonator and a special piezoelectric transducer.
Functioning of VITA Tronic is determined not only by the materials being used and appropriate resonators, but also by its colour, shape and relative proportions of the given elements.

VITA Tronic is a device manufactured in Austria. Manufacturer received Austrian patent number AT412255 and reported European patent.
The device has CE certificate.

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