Most people do not see any relationship between the environment and their health. Meanwhile, the civilization of the twentieth century has brought many changes in our environment, cutting us off from nature more and more quickly and effectively. We spend almost half of our life at artificial light, watching the sun from behind hermetic windows and soundproof buildings. More and more often our bodies are covered with materials that are unknown to nature. Apartments and offices are decorated with artificial plants, wallpapers, panelling, pieces of furniture, panels and synthetic paints and adhesives.
For years, we have been prisoners of air conditioning, water and sewage as well as electrical systems. In addition, we cannot live without cars, telephones, radios, TV sets or computers.

 This is the price of a modern civilization - the environment of people in many large cities around the globe. And despite the fact that already in 1982, World Health Organization, recognized many of these phenomena as harmful to human health, this issue is still escalating.

The pace of changes is growing exponentially. More and more ideas and new technologies leads to ever greater achievements. Every day we know more, but because of info-glut, we understand even less.

We have been talking about ecology for a long time, but every year the amount of toxins and technical solutions pulling us from nature increases. The effects of harmful stimuli acting on the human body can be seen clearly; headaches, stinging eyes, decreased immunity, irritability, aggression, fatigue, anxiety, confusion and stress - here is our daily life, against which a living organism protests more and more intensively.  

Observations have shown that when companies move their offices from the old building to a modern, hermetic, air-conditioned office building, then a rapid deterioration of workers’ well-being and a morbidity increase by average of 30% can be observed. A "Sick building syndrome", "Chronic fatigue syndrome", "Job burnout", "Leaky gut syndrome", "Carpal Tunnel Syndrome", "Legionnaires' disease" these are just a few examples of problems connected with intensive work in the facilities such as modern office buildings, banks and hotels, located especially in the cities.


For 13 years, AquaCell company has been selling unique in its kind solutions, using natural frequencies that are enriching the offer of any home, apartment or other passive or low energy object.

While using the Austrian advanced technologies, we have been restoring the structure of water and neutralizing a harmful electromagnetic radiation in buildings, vehicles or in large spaces.
VITA Tronic system – is an air harmonizing device in rooms, it neutralizes the side effects of mobile phone masts, high-voltage lines, transformers and all kinds of geopathic disturbances within a radius of 50 m3. It also reduces the negative impact of any smart house systems in the building and not interfering with their function at the same time.

As a result, in a protected area, we can get energy similar to that of the nineteenth century. We feel no fatigue, irritability, we don’t have headaches, dry mucous membranes, stuffiness in the room and many characteristic symptoms, known very well in buildings where masts and power lines are nearby.

In turn, AQUA VITA life system is a water vitalizing device and calcium transformer, which restores the structure of water, and provides protection against scaling and deposits in pipes, tiles, etc.  

Currently, the removal of mechanical and chemical impurities of water is no longer enough, it is necessary to restore its proper electromagnetic information. Then we can talk about ecology and benefits from work or living in a passive or energy-efficient building.

Both systems have been tested under various conditions in recent years. Although they are based on laws of nature only, they still have a full patent protection and quality certificates.

Conscious use of these systems can help you to create buildings where their residents and employees will feel perfectly fine. System of restoring water structure and neutralizing electromagnetic smog are popular in Japan and Italy, and their execution in buildings ensure positive value to all parties.

The usage of systems offered by our company can also be translated into economic benefits i.e. longer lifespan of all kinds of installations, better functioning of air conditioning systems, significantly lower maintenance costs of the building due to the minimal use of chemicals, less frequent need to replace filters and many others.

Our clients are: SIEMENS Poland, CITI Bank Handlowy, KOCIERZ SPA, Focus Research, Water parks, Ciechocinek Spa, KANIA factory unit, WRONA, STANIA.




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