What's the problem with the water?

It rarely flows naturally. We have placed it in pipes under a pressure of an average three atmospheres, which after 70 m destroys the vibrations in its structure. We regulate river beds, we build concrete beds, at the same time keeping them far away from nature. The problem is also the fact that there are more and more high-voltage lines, cell phone towers and WiFi networks around us that force their own vibrations on water. For 137 years, since the first light bulb has been turned on, we have changed the frequency in the environment from one hundred to two hundred million times. Of course, at the moment, we cannot eliminate it, but we can restore natural frequency and natural structure of the water.

What are the characteristics of the structure?

Structural water is characterized by its molecules that are arranged in crystal, hexagonal structure. Always in the nature, water molecules are arranged as hexagons in the crystals, forming proper, organized space. In this way, we can get the right vibration as the result the physical parameters of the water are changed. That is why, it acts in a quite different way, it has the ability to self-cleaning, it is better oxygenated, which helps to maintain a state of equilibrium in the environment.

Most of us still remember Ded Moroz from our childhood. In winter, during a cold weather, the water used to freeze on window glasses and create a kind of beautiful drawings, embroidery, paintings, but today it freezes evenly, creating a smooth sheet. Nowadays, the water rarely creates such patterns, because it often loses its crystal structure, but when it is revitalized, it again freezes and creates drawings.  

For centuries, people have been taking care of the water, they have created structures, so that it could whirl, bubble and be re-aerated. Ancient catacombs, water pipes in Greece, waterfalls, special wine jug, Berber ritual tea brewing etc. were created to maintain and restore the natural vibration of the water. Nowadays, these natural vibrations can be found in the oceans, seas, streams and sometimes in rivers. It is increasingly difficult to find it in swimming pools and artificial ponds.  

How can natural structure of water be restored?

By "revitalizing" it. That is, by restoring the natural frequency of the water. Currently, for this purpose, you can use special vitalizing device (AQUA VITA life), which will help to do it. The newest devices, using sophisticated laws of nature, when hung under the water pipe transfer the right information to the water, so its original structure can be restored.
As the result, water from the water pipes - cleaned and then vitalised, changes its properties into those of a spring water.

Our many years of observations show that water vitalisation in the pools can accelerate cleaning in 50-70%, improve the transport of oxygen, eliminate anaerobic reactions, facilitate the decomposition of organic matter and increase the mineralization processes. It effectively neutralizes the radioactivity, reduces the aggressiveness of chlorine, prevents growth of bacteria, algae and fungi.

What kind of impact has it on agriculture? Huge.  
The world of plants and animals, just like us senses the side effects of civilization.  
No one will give up the achievements of the twentieth century. In the era when fields are crossed by power lines, roofs - by mobile phone masts, barns, pig farms, hen houses are full of live cables and "dead" water from the pipeline flows from the tap, it is worth thinking how to restore nature in the civilized world. Water vitalizing and space harmonizing can be very helpful. Nature loves it and it will repay for it soon.

"Revitalized water" in each body increases the flow of energy and nutrients, oxygenates cells, improves the acid – base balance, accelerates the removal of toxins. Over the last two decades, not only farmers, but also scientists have been studying the impact of revitalized water on crops and animal breeding. It is hard to imagine modern agriculture without vitalised water.

It appears that seeds, under the influence of such water, can sprout faster.
The root system is better and plants growth is stronger, weight of the fresh mass is increased, yields of healthy fruits and vegetables are bigger. In greenhouses, there are more flowers, fungi and algae on the glass walls of a greenhouse and plastic tunnels are eliminated. In tanks and containers there is clean water, and farmers save a lot of fertilizers and plant protection products.
It is also easier to store plants in an environment with proper air ionization, free of electromagnetic smog.

In 2004, we prepared a study carried on the seedlings of lettuce and cucumbers. We prepare two identical fields with the same plants. The first field was watered with water from the pipeline, the second one- with the same water, but "vitalised". After two months we noticed that on the first field half of lettuce and cucumbers seedlings withered because they were attacked by fungi, and the remaining plants were poor. While on the second field where the plants were watered with structured water, almost all of them adopted very well, they were robust and without any problems. This is the result of using structural water that can fight bacteria and fungi.

The situation is similar in the case of animals.  
All animals in contact with a structural water develop better and they do not get sick.

One of the research institutes conducted an interesting experiment on hens. Hen house was divided into two parts. Half of the hens was getting water from the tap, the other half drank water from the tap, but with restored structure - "vitalised". It turned out that the device for vitalising water (working as an antenna) attached to a water pipe clearly changed the water, and thus the environment of studied birds. In the experimental group watered with vitalised water, after slaughter it was noted a much higher content of proteins in meat than in the control group watered with normal tap water.

The first group also reported a beneficial effect on the animals’ heart, and a clear decrease in the amount of feed for every kg of weight gain. As a result, vitalised water has a positive effect on profit and economic success in fattening chickens by reducing feed costs and an increase in the used meat percentage.

Other studies and practical experience have noticed regular increase in immunity and improvement in animals well-being, better weight gain, increased milking capacity of cows, laying eggs by hens as well as 80% increase in survival of chicks.


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