Smart City System

SMART CITY SYSTEM (SCS) is a kind of spelling out of the green building industry.

It provides a symbiosis of nature, civilization and advanced technology.  

What about the water and smog?

Nowadays, WATER rarely flows in a natural way. It has been closed in tubes under pressure ca. 3-9 atmospheres, which after 70 m impairs its vibration structure. We regulate river beds, we build concrete beds for them and at the same time we keep them away from nature. The problem also lies in the fact that we have more and more high-voltage lines, cell phone towers and WiFi networks that force their vibrations on water.  

For 138 years, since the first light bulb has been turned on, we have changed the frequency in the environment from one hundred to two hundred million times. Of course, at the moment, we cannot eliminate it, but we can restore natural frequency and natural structure of the water.

SCS neutralizes the side effects of mobile phone masts, high-voltage lines, transformers and all kinds of geopathic disturbances. It also reduces the negative impact of any smart house systems in the building while not interfering with their function. Currently, removing mechanical and chemical impurities of water is no longer enough, it is necessary to restore its proper electromagnetic information. Then we can talk about ecology and benefits of working or living in a passive or energy-efficient building.

AQUA VITA life system is a water vitalizing device and calcium transformer, which restores the water structure.

Using AQUA VITA life, you will get:  
  • freshness and strength of a spring water
  • increase in the energy value
  • "fresh water" for a longer period of time
  • greater purity and oxygenating  
  • more rapid release of chlorine  
  • reduction of the development of the micro-flora (viruses, bacteria, fungi and algae)
  • more intensive mineralization
  • reduction of detergents and cleaning agents consumption  
  • elimination of calcium deposits
  • corrosion reduction
  • reduction of heating and cooling systems consumption due to a lack of scale

Therefore, it is difficult to imagine green modern buildings without living water.  

VITA Tronic devices within a radius of 50 m up to 1 km, achieve a harmonic alignment of the magnetic field.  
The frequencies generated by the devices, resonate with the Earth's magnetic field, ensuring more aligned field. Thanks to this, they reduce the negative effects of geopathic radiation and electromagnetic smog.
VITA Tronic provides: neutralization of geopathic radiation, limitation of electromagnetic smog, change of air ionization, more efficient air conditioning, a feeling of harmony in the room. Therefore, it is the simplest way to a harmonious, balanced and healthy atmosphere for the green building sector.

AquaCell Company has been operating on the Polish market since 2003 and it is our mission to implement nature in the civilized world. While using advanced technology, SMART SYSTEM CITY restores the structure of water and neutralizes harmful electromagnetic radiation in buildings, vehicles and large spaces.
For 13 years, AquaCell company has been selling unique in their kind solutions, operating on the basis of natural frequencies that are enriching the offer of any house, apartment or other passive or low energy object.

Usage of systems offered by our company can also be translated into economic benefits, i.e. a longer life of all kinds of installations, better functioning of air conditioning systems, significantly lower maintenance costs of the building due to the minimal use of chemicals, less frequent need to replace filters and many others.



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