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AQUA VITA life / Water in a civilized world

Water, in a water-pipe network, thanks to its continuous monitoring is hygienically clean, but it does not necessarily mean that it is healthy. 98% of all households have energetically dead water. Pressure of 3-9 atmospheres in the pipes destroys its structure.

AQUA VITA life revitalizes water and transforms calcium
  • it revives, revitalizes water
  • it restores its natural molecular structure
  • it transforms calcium and other materials
  • it operates at bio-energy level
  • it does not need any additional power or supervision
  • it has 25 years of warranty
  • the body is supplied with energy and nutrients
  • cells are oxygenated
  • acid-base balance is maintained
  • enzymatic economy is improved
  • the thermal balance of the body is restored
  • elimination of toxins is increased
  • immune system of the body is restored
AQUA VITA life enables optimal concentration of energy, as the result correct information is passed to the flowing water. As a consequence, we get stable effect of excited electron states during chemical reactions and physical changes, restoration of the natural molecular structure of water. Consequently, a characteristic, new arrangement of water molecules, is made, that is why its physical parameters are changed. AQUA VITA life is a device that uses laws of nature. It contains a carefully selected elements occurring in nature that are essential for life and a proper functioning of living organisms. AQUA VITA life has been thoroughly tested by the Austrian doctors of complementary medicine as well as university research communities. The results clearly confirm that under the influence of revitalized water, functioning of the organism of humans, animals and plants has been improved. AQUA VITA life is a device that USES ONLY THE LAW OF NATURE and it has a full patent protection.

AQUA VITA life / Benefits for the human body resulting from using the device

Recent scientific studies have shown that almost all of us suffer from a lack of water in the body.
Every person, while counteracting the negative influences of the environment, should drink high- energy water, in the amount of 0,3 l /10 kg of body weight.

Shower and bath can also give excellent results, because a contact of structural water with our skin can transfer energy even further, increasing the potential on cell membranes.

The removal of damage caused by the calcium deposition costs many millions of euro.

Calcium deposits in technical equipment supplied with water can:

  • reduce the diameter of the pipes and the efficiency of heat exchange (heat conductivity of stone is 20 times smaller than that of steel)
  • increase the corrosion – while reducing the life of the installation  
  • accelerate the burning out of electrical heating systems  
  • accumulate creating unsanitary and un-aesthetic deposits in the shower cubicle, washbasins, toilets, sanitary fittings, etc.  

AQUA VITA life can be installed on any type of pipes, regardless of whether they are made of plastic, copper or steel.

The optimal rejuvenation of water is possible in the pipe even 50 m long! Installation is very simple, with no additional exploration costs.

The optimal rejuvenation of water is possible in the pipe even 50 m long! Exceeding the safe pipe length specified by the manufacturer does not guarantee maintaining high-energy water, which is again destroyed by pressing and pressure in the pipes.

In such situations, some companies offer a larger device. However, this process does not dependent on the size of the assembled device and the diameter of the pipe, because the flow of water in the pipe under pressure, within 50-70 m, always leads to the same effect! In the case of longer pipes, it is recommended to use another AQUA VITA life device.

Installation at homes
AQUA VITA life is installed on the main water line. It can be mounted behind a boiler or a water meter in such a way that rejuvenated water (drinking water, showers, bathtubs, washing machines, water used in the garden, etc.) was sent to all water pipes.
In the average one-family house a length of 50 meters of pipe usually is not exceeded, and therefore mounting one device is often sufficient.

Installation in apartments
When AQUA VITA life cannot be installed under the pipe behind the main shut-off valve, the device can be attached diagonally next to the water pipe (e.g. a vertical pipe) and by wrapping a silver wire or a valve around using silver wire. Due to a very simple installation, with each change of the apartment you can take it down and install the device again.

Please note that AQUA VITA works optimally only in a vertical position, when silver cover is headed up. Operation of the device starts immediately after its assembly.  

AQUA VITA life can be installed on any pipe with flowing water (e.g. stables, greenhouses, plastic tunnels, swimming pools, spa centres, etc.). It is important to install the device before dividing it into separate water branches so that rejuvenated water was provided to all water pipes. In case of pipes longer than 50 m, another AQUA VITA life device should be installed.

Unusual situations with installation can be consulted with the distributor, if there are any doubt contact a manufacturer.

Before the installation, carefully clean and get rid of dust from the water pipe, to prepare good anchor point for AQUA VITA life device and in order to make it work optimally.

Take the device, drag the silver wire through a hole in a silver metal strip and fold it back at a distance equal to the diameter of the pipe.
Attach the device vertically under the water pipe so that the folded wire was laying behind a water pipe and a mounted silver metal strip was visible above the pipe.
Then carefully drag the second silver wire through the second hole in the silver metal strip – drag it slightly – to make the device loosely but securely hang under a water supply pipe. No poisons, chemicals or high-power pumps should be located within a radius of 1m from the device.

Remember! AQUA VITA life works optimally only when the silver lid is heading up. Operation of the device starts immediately after its assembly.
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