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space harmonizing device
VITA Tronic is a device that can achieve a harmonic alignment of the magnetic field in a radius of 50 meters. The frequencies generated by the device, resonate with the Earth's magnetic field. In this way, they create more even fields, reduce the negative effects of geopathic radiation and electromagnetic smog.
    While using VITA Tronic, it has been reported:
  • neutralization of geopathic radiation and electromagnetic smog
  • change of air ionization
  • more efficient air conditioning
  • elimination of chronic fatigue
  • reduction of aggression and irritability
  • better concentration and greater productivity
  • healthy sleep, giving the rest
  • improvement of the life quality
  • joy and an increase of a well-being
  • increased immunity (the immune system is activated)
  • improved health
  •  feeling of harmony in the room

VITA Tronic is the simplest way to harmonious, balanced and healthy atmosphere in the apartments, houses, hotels, factories, offices, banks, schools, hospitals, dental clinics, server rooms and all other areas of public institutions.

The usage of a single device can give the desired results in a two-storey office building, of a multi-family house size and an area outside it.

Additionally, VITA Tronic can be used for a daily regeneration of your body. While standing or sitting (5-10 minutes) near the device, we start the flow of energy throughout our body. Thanks to this, we restore natural frequencies of all our cells, activate the metabolism, reduce tension and remove blockades. As a result, every day we improve the functioning of all our organs, gradually restoring a homeostasis.

Studies have shown that VITA Tronic is a reliable operating system improving the electromagnetic compatibility. At all measurement points, the magnetic field structure has become more balanced. Compatibility of field changes, in all research positions, has proved the effectiveness of this device against natural and technical radiation.

VITA Tronic / VITA Tronic Construction

VITA Tronic is made of ceramic with a high content of silicon. It has the shape of a prism with a hexagonal base. On the outside, there is an engraved symbol of "flower of life", inside there is an adequate resonator and a special piezoelectric transducer.

Functioning of VITA Tronic is determined not only by the materials used and appropriate resonators, but also its colour, shape and relative proportions of the given elements.

VITA Tronic is a device manufactured in Austria. The manufacturer received Austrian patent number AT412255 and reported European patent. The device has CE certificate.

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