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vehicle harmonizing device



An ideal solution for cars, buses, electric locomotives, construction equipment, house trucks, boats, etc.

    By using CAR VITA Tronic, you can get rid of:
  • feeling of stiffen or swollen legs
  • headache, neck ache, spine ache
  • difficulties with breathing
  • palpitations
  • burning and itching of the eyes
  • itching of the skin
  • alternating feelings of hot and cold
  • distraction
  • sleepiness and fatigue

CAR VITA Tronic – is a harmonizing device, which neutralizes the side effects of electromagnetic smog and improves the ionization of the air inside a vehicle.

It is essential for cars, trucks or buses.

As a result, it increases a comfort of driving, improves concentration behind the wheel, assuring safety on the road for a driver and passengers.

Budowa MINI / CAR VITA Tronic   

MINI and CAR VITA Tronic devices are made of a ceramic case with a very high content of silicon. They have a shape of a prism with a hexagonal base. Inside the ceramics, functioning as a resonator, there is a glass tachyon and a piezoelectric transducer electronically controlled. The transducer supplies the tachyon and the resonator with basic vibrations. A figure on the resonator is a double rune, known as the highest protective rune - a symbol representing a primeval language of the universe.

MINI and CAR VITA Tronic can achieve a harmonic alignment of the magnetic field within a radius of up to 12 m. They are powered from a cigarette lighter socket or a power point.

MINI/CAR VITA Tronic efficiency can be adjusted from 3V to 9V, depending on the room size and the type of a vehicle. The adjustment can be done by using a potentiometer placed on the transformer near the plug. Manufacturer provides a 7-year guarantee for a trouble-free operation of the equipment.

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