Aqua Vita Life

water vitalizing

device This new quality of water means improved , 
quality and taste of bread and measurable
financial benefits. Removal of mechanical and chemical impurities
of water is no longer enough.

Vita tronic


neutralization of geopathic radiation, 
electromagnetic smog reduction, changing air  
zmianę jonizacji powietrza, ionization and more 
efficient air conditioning.


On the road

In modern cars there are approximately 8 km of cables.  
Cars packed with electronics are a source of  
continuous electromagnetic smog.



Who does it influence agriculture? Huge.  
Flora and fauna, just like us, sense
the side effects of civilization.  


Also depends on the water

While using Aquacell systems, we can increase
its efficiency while reducing the negative  
impact on the environment and humans.

Smart City System


is a kind of spelling out of the green building industry.  
It provides a symbiosis of nature,
civilization and advanced technologies


Business Conscious usage

of AquaCell systems can help in the creation
of buildings, residents and employees of  
which will feel perfectly fine.


For home Home

is not a place, home means the atmosphere.
Restore harmony at your homea.

21st century SPA

is not only the health through the water, it is also a perfectly  
synchronized complex of treatments which can completely  
change our mood, rejuvenate the soul, restore inner peace   
and vital energy just after a few days.



that the amount of oxygen in the water after the restoration  
of the water structure, using Aqua Vita Life device, can increase by
up to 70%. VITA Tronic device achieves harmonic  
alignment of the magnetic field.

About us

AquaCell was founded in 2003. Our mission is to promote a healthy lifestyle by showing that return to nature is possible, while using the achievements of civilization. 

In the twenty-first century, promoting reliable knowledge is indispensably. Only awareness of the risks, based on scientific research, stripped of omnipotent commercialism, can help us to maintain the health and well-being. With the proper knowledge, conscious choice belongs to us.

This process can not be stopped, but we can protect ourselves consciously...
Faster and faster we enter
the era of high technology
having the structure of a
primitive man
Professor U. Warnke "The risk of losing health"


The research shows that harmful fields, while acting on a living organism for a longer period of time, can among others disturb metabolic processes, inhibit the production of many hormones, affect the iron in the red blood cells.
People, often spending time in such conditions, become irritated, after some time there appears chronic fatigue, decreased concentration, dizziness, headaches, shallow breathing, sleep and memory disorders, with time general weakness and decrease in immunity.  

After a period of time, due to prolonged exposition to harmful radiation, neurological diseases, allergies, leukaemia, cysts, ulcers, infertility, impotence, problems with cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal tract etc. can appear. The number of abortions, the risk of heart attack, brain tumours, strokes, melanomas and other cancers can increase rapidly.

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Our products


water vitalizing device
2 976,60 PLN

VITA Tronic

space harmonizing device
5 953,20 PLN


vehicle harmonizing device
3 247,20 PLN


space harmonizing device
5 953,00 PLN
regular customers
13 years
on the market


zakład wędliniarski

Customers’ opinion

It's incredible how an interesting building can be created together with a swimming pool of living water (I might add, even the miraculous water of life). One has never tried to drink water from AQUA VITA life device or take a bath in the water, will never understand what living water does mean.
I would say this - 2 in 1, it is a good choice in the office. I would recommend, to all those who arrange their offices, both in small and large ones, the usage AquaCell devices. They will work perfectly!

I have mentioned in my last mail that my customer’s wife, who has purchased AVI, has finally got rid of dry eyes after 5 months, just like me, and signs of psoriasis has despaired from his daughter’s skin. However, his grandson (we do not know what it was, because he is one year old) has something on his head /I would say it looked cradle cap/ and they tried to remove it by purring water on it, it wasn’t enough. Only when they gave the child water to drink - after a week there was no sign of it.
VITA Tronic is a phenomenal device that gives wonderful air ionization at home / offices and in the car. It allows you to fully relax, sleep and get up in the morning briskly. In the car you do not feel fatigue during long journeys, the car works better etc. I could write much more, but I rather recommend visiting AquaCell device website. This is not a lie, I highly recommend!



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